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                                         Current Data Projects



  • Wild Dog monitoring and reporting with photo’s and ID’s.

Through public posting on Kznsightings - www.kznsightings.co.za



  • Vulture tag data

    Marking Vultures makes them individually identifiable to facilitate collecting  information onlocal movements and dispersal patterns ; migratory routes and timing ; survival  rates and longevity ; potential threats and cause of mortalities.


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  • Brake for wildlife  - EWT Road kill project

Kznsightings along with Hilltop Honorary officers, capture all our reported road kill sightings posted by members onto the EWT data system, to help with the recording of  HIP data.

If, during your travels, in park  you spot any roadkill on our roads please record your sighting via kznsightings or email us or Hilltop Honorary officers and the WTP will use the data you share in their work to reduce the impacts of transport on our wildlife. The WTP has launched the Road Watch South Africa smartphone app to make your participation in their Roadkill Research and Mitigation Project easier.

For more information click here or to add data yourself, you can do this via the following :

Online data form

* Cellphone app - IPhone

                          -  Andriod


The Virtual Museum (VM) - Data capture of sightings 

Kznsightings along with Hilltop Honorary Officers, capture all the sights posted by our members on whatsapp onto their data system, to help with HIP data.   

If you'd like to help add extra data please see online data sheet - Click here and more information click here


       Send your information to  admin@hilltophonoraryofficers.org.za