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Who are we ?


An Honorary officer is a volunteer who offers their time and expertise to supplement and support the staff of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. 


Our Vision:

As Honorary Officers we are committed to a conservation ideal based on maintaining the bio-diversity of our national parks and game reserves in sustainable populations in protected areas where the wildlife has priority and humans can enjoy visiting a fully-functional eco system.


Our Mission:

We use our expertise, time and commitment to support the Ezemvelo /KZN wildlife management and permanent staff of the Hluhluwe Game Reserve to achieve their stated goals and objectives by fostering cordial relationships and thereby, make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the park.


1.       Maintain close contact with management and senior staff in the reserve;

2.       Through regular monthly work weekends as a close-knit group, to ensure the

            Park’s amenities and services are maintained and improved.

3.       Identify areas and projects where we can become involved, providing the impetus 

           for successful completion;

4.       Raise funds or sponsorships for projects identified as being beneficial to the park;

5.       To be recognised as contributors to the park and conservation through our efforts,

           by Park Management, Staff and Visitors.


We promote the ideals of Conservation Management through

  • Helping and Assisting
  • Observation
  • Nurturing
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Yielding a Service


The H O team:

Dawn van der Walt

Martin van der Walt 

Lindi Nel

Dee Honman

             Clive Honman ( Chairman )

Pieter van Vollenhoven

Sharon van Vollenhoven

Bill Toughey (Vice - Chairman)

Brigid Toughey

Peter Stott

Denise Stott

Pieter Oosthuysen

Sue Oosthuysen 

Mat Jackson  (OIC)

Christian Kroll 

Tenille Kroll 

Past Members:

Mike Nel

Martin Hopkins

Lara Hopkins

Sybrand van Niekerk

Shane Mc Intyre

Jess Mc Intyre

Vick Partington

Jenny Partington

David Potgieter

Amanda Potgieter

Mia Oosthuysen

Peter Du Bruyn