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Wish list


Your generous support will help fund projects like:​ 


  • Basic gym equipment to create small gyms for the scouts
  • Sponsorship for 3 lion call-up kits for Research (approx. R3500 per kit) for use in HIP priority species monitoring programme
  • New solar-powered water pump for Nomagege Scouts Camp (approx. R25,000)
  • Two spare 12 volt and 2 spare 220 volt energisers to replace faulty equipment on electric fence lines when required
  • Source and hold spare deep-cycle batteries for Scouts Camps and electric fences
  • The Honorary Officers are also always looking for Funds and donors

The Honorary officers provide their labour and time at no cost to EKZN, without any admin costs involved to complete projects, resulting in every Rand getting onto the ground, usually in materials which we install.